About me

I am a Software Developer. I am a tech enthusiast who is passionate about learning and working with new technologies. I am currently working with C#, .NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. I want to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

I graduated from Kırklareli University Computer Programming, and then I earned Anadolu University Management Information Systems with DGS. I am a passionate student who is always willing to learn and work across technologies and fields. I love discovering new technologies and leveraging them to solve real-life problems. I love sharing what I know with others and guiding them. Currently, I am interested in Web Development.

What i'm doing

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    Web development

    While developing web applications, I usually work on the back-end side and develop with .NET.

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    Desktop development

    I develop desktop programs for my needs with C#. I try to imitate the applications I see on the internet.

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    Console development

    I develop console applications with C#.

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    I'm trying to learn Adobe Photoshop, I create and edit photos on my own.


  • Onur Dikyar

    Onur Dikyar

    Senior Application Developer at PXL Digital Solutions

    Despite his impressive technological knowledge, Furkan's most important characteristic is his flexible intelligence, personal discipline and reliability, rather than his programming skills.

    He is a problem solver and a fixer.

    From the very first meeting, you realize that you don't need to constantly check the work you have assigned to him/her.

  • Sungur Taş

    Sungur Taş

    .NET Developer at PXL Digital Solutions

    Furkan is a self-sacrificing and hard-working person who loves to work and has adopted the principle of working flawlessly in the projects he is responsible for. I worked in the same team with him on different projects, and he was a teammate who was keen on research and self-development.

  • Tahir Uzelli

    Tahir Uzelli

    Mobile Developer at PXL Digital Solutions

    During the periods we worked together with Furkan, the fact that he completed the tasks quickly and in a quality manner is the biggest indicator of his analytical intelligence and talent. someone I would always want to work with.

  • Muhammed Ceylan

    Muhammed Ceylan

    Software Engineer at PXL Digital Solutions

    Furkan and I developed projects together in the same team. We did good work together with his fast problem solving, algorithmic thinking and discipline at the same time.

    He is also a very good team player and has always been a good teammate with his approach and sincere attitude.

  • Fulya Er

    Fulya Er

    Senior .Net Developer at PXL Digital Solutions

    Obviously, even though we've only been working for a short time;

    Your ability to learn quickly and your enthusiasm for your work made a very positive impression. Since you started working, you have been able to quickly grasp the tasks I have given you and interpret them for yourself. At the same time, the fact that you do not hesitate to ask questions when you encounter difficulties contributes significantly to the work.

    *Ability to learn quickly and adapt to new technologies.
    *Ability to complete assigned tasks in a timely and accurate manner.
    *Ability to research and propose your own solutions.
    *Willingness to ask for help and cooperate when you get stuck.

    I can say that you are successful in these matters. Of course, you have a long way to go, but I think you will develop your skills even more by taking more responsibility in projects in the future 🙂

  • Erdal Parmaksız

    Erdal Parmaksız

    Software Manager at Ofmark

    During the period we worked together, it was a great pleasure to work with Furkan, especially his work discipline, ability to interpret events, ability to solve problems, practical intelligence. Even though we parted ways in this project, he is a friend that I would like to be in the same team in the future and that I can be a reference in every sense.

  • Eda Pelvan

    Eda Pelvan

    Project Manager at Ofmark & Piksel Mutfak

    A friend who is compatible with teamwork, has work discipline and loves to work. He is a highly compatible colleague with his technical skills and communication.

  • Murat Efe Arslan

    Murat Efe Arslan

    Lead Software Developer at Umur Printing Company

    I have had the pleasure of working alongside Furkan Kapukaya at PXL Digital Solutions, and I must say he is an exceptional Junior .NET Developer. His passion for coding and ambition to excel in his field are truly inspiring.

    Furkan's enthusiasm for software development is evident in the way he approaches challenges and projects. His proficiency in C#, HTML, CSS, MySQL, NoSQL, .NET Core, MicroServices, and CentOS showcases a diverse skill set that enables him to tackle various tasks with confidence.

    Not only is Furkan technically skilled, but his positive attitude and eagerness to learn also make him an invaluable team member. He actively seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and consistently contributes fresh ideas to the projects we collaborate on.

    As a colleague, Furkan is approachable and always ready to lend a helping hand. His dedication to the success of the team and projects he works on has left a lasting impression on everyone around him.

    In short, Furkan Kapukaya is a driven and talented Junior .NET Developer who demonstrates unwavering commitment to his craft. I am certain that he will continue to achieve remarkable milestones in his career and make significant contributions to the world of software development.

  • Nadir Subaşı

    Nadir Subaşı

    Lecturer at Kirklareli University

    Furkan studied and graduated from our department between 2019-2021. In addition to his success in his courses, he stood out with his academic performance and professional approach in his projects. He was a very hardworking, determined and goal-oriented student. The way he worked constructively and efficiently on his projects and his desire to continuously improve himself made him stand out in many different fields. Furkan was also a student who could develop himself socially, was prone to group work and could bring positive energy to the environment. At the same time, he has a strong communication skills, is easy to understand and can establish good relationships with other people.

  • Beysemi Emirhan Bayrak

    Beysemi Emirhan Bayrak

    Front-End Developer at Dijital Sahne

    Furkan and I went to university together. He is a good team player. He is meticulous and careful in his work. He follows new technologies and likes to research. He has good communication skills and can build good relationships.

  • Uğur Erbay

    Uğur Erbay

    Software Developer at Intertech

    Furkan and I went to university together. He was a successful and determined student at school. He was a meticulous and disciplined team member who was compatible with teamwork in the projects we developed together.


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  1. Anatolian University | Management Information Systems

    2022 — Present

    I am currently studying to complete my university life to undergraduate with DGS and to improve myself.

  2. Kirklareli University | Computer Programming

    2019 — 2021

    I studied C#, Python, Java, PostgreSQL, PHP, HTML and CSS technologies at a basic level.

  3. Mehmet Akif Ersoy Anatolian Imam Hatip Highscool

    2015 — 2019

    It is one of the important times of my life when I studied and completed my studies in Istanbul and took part in various activities (Tübitak, Music Choir, etc.), where I accumulated good experiences and memories...


  1. Software Developer at PXL Digital Solutions

    August 2023 — February 2024

    I am involved in the development and bug fixing of various projects within the company.

  2. Junior Software Developer at Ofmark

    February 2022 — August 2023

    Basic enhancements and bug fixing in Ofmark E-Commerce platform for end users and companies. I am working with PXL Digital Solutions.

  3. Junior Software Developer at Omega BigData (Intern)

    March 2021 - June 2021

    I took part in web projects created for new generation loyalty platforms for shoppers and employees. My task is to develop, edit and report web projects.

  4. Volunteer at ÜNOG

    January 2021

    I volunteered for ÜNOG's GGJ21 event. Communicating one-on-one with the participants, etc. I completed the tasks. It was an enjoyable and educational experience.

  5. Volunteer at Kirklareli University

    October 2019 - March 2020

    With the "Artificial Intelligence Workshop" project, our professors working in the Computer Programming, Electronics Technology and Mechatronics departments and our volunteer students in these programs, under the supervision of department professors, provided training on artificial intelligence to students from BİLSEM and guided them to make projects equipped with artificial intelligence.


C# .NET SQL Microsoft SQL Server Javascript HTML CSS Bootstrap Git Github Postman Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Office Photoshop

Certificates and Certificates of Participation

  1. Artificial Intelligence Workshop

  2. Cloud Technologies 101

  3. Blockchain Literacy Awareness Training

  4. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  5. Version Control Systems and Portfolio

  6. MVC Project Camp

  7. C++ Game Programming 2

  8. Git&Github

  9. PG1926 Programming Camp

  10. C++ Game Programming

  11. Leadership Program

  12. Blockchain 101

  13. Cyber Security 101

  14. Financial Literacy Education

  15. Online Safety Training